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Meet Brooklyn Street

Brooklyn Street is Karin Calde, Dale Mayuiers, Ross Burdick, James Coburn and Gary Wolcott. We play a mix of danceable classic rock and soul with some funk tossed in for fun. We perform songs that you’ve known for years but that aren’t necessarily being played by every other cover rock band in the area.

Originally formed in 2013 by Gary Wolcott, Larry Hancock and Mike Ryan, Brooklyn Street played often at many popular Portland venues like Pub 181, the M&M, The Springs, The Lehrer Pub & Eatery, Macadam’s Bar & Grill, The Viewpoint and others before disbanding in 2014. Gary Wolcott and another former Brooklyn Street bassist Don Robertson “repaved” Brooklyn Street late in 2016 and the band now consists of these talented performers…

Karin Calde — Vocals, keyboard, cowbell & other percussion instruments

Brooklyn Street Lead Vocalist Karin CaldeKarin started singing to her parents’ Simon and Garfunkel albums before she could talk. She only got serious about singing when she gave up her career as a psychologist a few years ago.

Since that time she has studied voice with Wolf Carr, sung, played guitar and keyboards at the School of Rock, and sang with the local rock band, Cocktail Fiasco.

Karin has been enjoying discovering the bluesy side of her voice with Brooklyn Street.
Among her many musical influences are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Pat Bentar, Heart, Weezer, Green Day, and the Foo Fighters.

When Karin is not busy rocking the cowbell and giving Brooklyn Street Drummer Gary Wolcott a hard time, she spends her days taking her three kids to music lessons and torturing them with music from Barry Manilow.

Dale Mayuiers — Lead and rhythm guitar, vocals, percussion

Brooklyn Street Guitarist Dale MayuiersDale is a native of San Diego, California where he cut his teeth on the local music scene. His first experiences were as a stage and session bassist and later as a guitarist. While in Southern California he was in strong demand supporting for local and visiting acts, records, commercials, arrangements, and songwriting.

After performing for years from San Diego to San Francisco he decided to change course and entered into a new life working with the military command and intelligence services. Throughout this period Dale kept his hand in music by designing and building high-quality guitars and basses.

Eventually and inevitably, life brought another change, this time relocation to Portland, Oregon. The vibrant and diverse music scene of the Northwest called to him so he once again took up his instruments and leapt full force into the fray.

With the last ten years spent in Portland, Dale has emerged as an accomplished guitarist playing and recording with several contemporary artists, composing soundtracks, acting as the “on-call” west coast guitarist for visiting bands managed out of New York City, and teaching guitar/bass to a select number of students. As with most musicians, performing in front of an audience is a favorite for Dale.

Playing with Brooklyn Street gives him the chance to share the music he enjoys so much. “The key to being a good musician is not in what I can do myself, but what I am able to do with and among others. Within Brooklyn Street we view each song as a delicate recipe that requires the perfect mixture and balance of ingredients. This is one reason why audiences enjoy our shows so much. Our years of experience, our influences, our talents, and even our individual personalities meld together into one finely tuned sound,” he said.

In Dale’s playing you hear his style combined with those of the guitarists who left their mark on him: Mick Taylor, Eric Clapton, BB King, Nile Rogers, Chet Atkins, Joe Bonnamassa, and more. But Dale has a unique view on his own contributions to the band.

Ross Burdick — Lead and rhythm guitar, vocals

ABrooklyn Street Guitarist Ross Burdicks a teenager in Portland, Oregon, Ross picked up a guitar that was lying around the house and started playing. He was inspired by his favorite bands such as The Who, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Van Halen, Cheap Trick and The Pretenders.

It wasn’t until after college that Ross started playing in bands inspired by Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Heatmiser, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth and the like. Ross was a guitarist, singer and songwriter in several all-original bands during the ’90s and ‘2000s, performing in such legendary Portland live music venues as Satyricon, X-Ray Cafe, Eli’s, EJ’s and Mt. Tabor Theater.

In addition to playing with Brooklyn Street, Ross also plays guitar and sings in the rock cover band 60Hz and performs solo acoustic music.

James Cobern — Bass guitar & vocals

James Cobern is an Oakland, California native. Like many rockers, James started in bands in the 1960s and played ever since. He moved to Portland roughly 25 years ago. He played with local band The Willies in the 1990s and with other bands since.

A few years ago, James took the plunge and moved to Las Vegas to play with a band called Vinyl Relic. That gig was a blast and lasted for three years.

His lifetime of playing includes the usual Beatles type influence and then moved on to Zeppelin, blues, jazz, Latin and wide variety of other music. James laughs that he had to learn to read charts when playing with a Bossa Nova type band. “That was kinda tough,” he said.

James’ hobbies are bicycling and running. He also shares much in common with drummer Gary Wolcott. Both love movies.

Gary Wolcott — Drums, percussion

Brooklyn Street Drummer Gary WolcottGary is Brooklyn Street’s founder. He grew up in a house full of music. His mom was — and still is — a great singer and focused on show tunes. He didn’t know other music existed until he walked by a barbershop whose door was open and heard the opening strains of The Everly Brothers Wake Up Little Susie.

He’s been in love with rock ever since.

Gary wanted to be a drummer in 5th grade but thought the noise would make his dad mad so he played French Horn instead. But in 1964 along came The Beatles, The Dave Clark Five, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and other great bands and Gary, who after hearing the power rhythm of Wake Up Little Susie had become a radio rock junkie — which later ended up to be a career — decided to pick up drums.

Even if it did make his dad mad — which it did.

Ringo, the Stones drummer Charlie Watts and Wishbone Ash’s Steve Upton are his biggest influences. Though when it comes to pure pocket rock drumming you can’t beat John Bonham who also was an influence.

He played in bands in the Portland area in his teens but bagged the drumming bug for a career in radio and later radio and television. For the last 25-plus years he’s also been a film critic and posts a weekly column in a Tri-Cities, Washington area newspaper and on Portland radio.

But that teen desire to rock never left and in his 40s, Gary bought an old Ludwig kit and got serious about music. Bands came and went before he formed Brooklyn Street in 2014. The original band disbanded in early 2015 and Gary — as he says with tongue-in-cheek — has “repaved” Brooklyn Street.